Graphic Portico


We are conducting the Painting and Animation contest called Graphic Portico based on Free Software there by creating awareness about the existence of alternatives for proprietary softwares among our college students.

Instructions for the participants

  1. Painting
    • Theme: Colourful Free Softwares
    • May contain Free Software Logos, Celebrities and about Internet Freedom
    • Digital paintings also acceptable (Formats: svg, png, jpg)
  2. Animation
    • Theme: Free Software for Free World
    • Must be 60 to 90 seconds
    • Animated slide show also acceptable (Formats: ogg, mp4, avi)

Last Date for submission January 20, 2015

For Reference: GNU.ORG

Note: The Works to be submitted will be published in Internet under CC and CopyLeft License.

For Details Contact

Ragul     : 9659877249

Sathish : 7502273418

Mani      : 9600789681

Powered By Free Software Foundation TamilNadu





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