Gnu/Linux Users Group University College of Engineering Villupuram is an Not-for-Profit Organization which aims at:

1. Creating awareness on GNU/Linux Operating System and Free Software.
2. Delivering for free, various flavours of latest and old versions of Gnu/Linux for those in need around Villupuram.
3. Conducting Meet-up in UCEV with those who have interest to know about Gnu/Linux and Free Software.
4. Conducting Workshops on Free software / GNU/Linux tools / Programming with GNU/Linux, etc.

GLUG UCEV is affiliated with Free Software Foundation TamilNadu.

We are  a Technical + Philosophical group, where we care about the Philosophy of Free Software and Freedom / FreeSpeech over the Internet. We believe that Technology should not be restricted only to few people. It should reach million and should give users every Freedom.

We live in a Society, and not contributing to a society is not fair. As they give things for us to live, sustain and grow then why not spend few minutes to contribute back?

Gnu/Linux Users Group UCEV also called as “GLUG UCEV” in short is run by group of volunteers from UCEV. We were inspired by  FSFTN – Villupuram.

We mean Humanity, We mean Freedom so We mean Gnu/Linux and Free Software

We are Social and Friendly !

1. RagulKanth – ragul274@gmail.com
2. SathishKumar – sathishkokila49@yahoo.com
3. Manimaran – tigermani007@hotmail.com
4. Arunachalam –  arunachalamnew@hotmail.com
5. Karkee – ukarkee@gmail.com
6. Khaleel Jageer – jskcse4@gmail.com
7. Suvedha – suvedhahere@gmail.com

Our Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/glugucev


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